A warm welcome to you,

My name is Gaelle, which is Irish for “Foreigner, Cheerful and happy” which I guess I am!

I was born in the South West of France, in the beautiful region of Bordeaux, surrounded by vineyards, white sand beaches and the very distinctive and refined gastronomy of the area.

I am a real foodie, everything that has to do with food and gastronomy will get my attention without any doubts! My family is my absolute priority, and I love to spend time in nature, to be surrounded by pets and animals.

You might see me around East Leake, on my bike with my children, walking our doggie or just shopping locally. If you visit Elms Farm Costock, you might see me around as I help them in the office (or should I say I am there eating their food and petting their dogs!).

I am a mother of two and a wife, a foodie and a nature lover. As well as the hypnotherapy clinic, I help at the local farm and have the immense privilege to be part of this family-run business adventure and to cuddle more little lambs, calves, horses and doggies than I can handle!

During my early twenties, I spend a lot of time traveling to different places and especially to Ao Nang in Thailand, to visit my Dad who had a meditation centre there. I spent many months learning the Thai’s way of life. Learning about living in the moment. Appreciating the art of cooking, serving and enjoying the food. Meditating and being kind to nature. Learning new traditions, new words, new meanings of life. It was an incredible time.

I also spent a year in New York City, and went on to travel in Asia a bit more. I really loved my time in Nepal in particular, trekking the Annapurna on my own for a month and meeting with the local. It was nothing like I had experienced before, having no way to communicate with words so having to find new ways to interact. Everything about my trek in Nepal was extraordinary, I returned a different person.

In my late twenties, life’s priorities changed. Both of my parents engaged in a long battle against cancer, and I became a mother, twice. Traveling with a backpack was no longer an option but I discovered that traveling as a family was just as fun! During that time, I changed my focus from wanting to see the world to discovering the local area, finding new paths and new places to explore. My connection to nature grew even stronger as I found myself being so inspired by the beauty of the British countryside.

After experiencing it first hand, I decided to specialised in severe anxiety and depression. I wanted to learn what was happening in the brain so I started studying neuroscience and became fascinated. Of course I already have a strong background as my Dad was a holistic therapist and I had spent so much time reading his books, listening to him, or talking about mental health. It was already a big part of my personality and something I always felt would be part of my life one day.

My parents deaths had a huge impact on me and for a bit I did not feel like myself. It was as if all joy and my appetite for life had gone. I felt like a completely different person, and it was scary. When I picked myself up, and looked back at all we had been through as a family, and as individuals, I felt proud of us. That’s when I realised I wanted to give meaning to what had happened by helping other people to overcome their own mental health crisis.

I wanted to have a meaningful job, I found my vocation when I became a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

Cheers to you and to your future,

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