A warm welcome to you,

There is time in everyone’s life where everything seems to be a bit too much. Sometimes it feels unbearable, heavy or hopeless. Sometimes we just need a little bit of support to clear our mind and work toward our goals.

I am a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I also practice NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), mindfulness, meditation and Reiki which I may sometimes offer if you feel it could be useful for you.

My approach to healing and recovery is based on helping you to fully harness your skills and resources, to discover your singularity and what makes you special. I aim to help you realise how capable you are to find the best solutions within yourself as I believe that no one, but you, know what it best for you.

Solution Focused therapy helps you to find the confidence and headspace to build up the life that you want. The hypnotherapy help you to relax, clear your mind, reduce any stress or anxiety, lift up any depression symptoms, say goodbye of unwanted or harmful habits, changing your mindset to one that is helpful and supportive of your goals, you desired outcomes in life.

Sessions lasts for 60mn. I work with clients as young as 14.

(As much as I appreciate parent’s concerns and desire to help their child, under 18’s must fully consent to hypnotherapy and should not be forced to start hypnotherapy if they are not comfortable to do so)

If you have any questions, or if you wish to book an initial consultation, please use the form below to contact me.

I will respond as soon as possible.

other ways to contact us,

You can send us an email, or use WhatsApp to send us a text. We aim to respond as soon as possible.

Jackson Crescent, East Leake, LE126AH

Your wellbeing is at the heart of everything, I am looking forward to help you pick up stones after stones to restore and rebuild your path and help you overcome and recover from any struggles you might be experiencing.

I believe, and I know, that with the right person by your side you can overcome any difficulties, become more relaxed, more confident, and find joy and happiness again.

To your future,

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