Very often we are made to believe that it is what happened to us, in the past, that is responsible for the way we feel today.

When we believe that our past, our traumas, our difficulties define who we are, then we feel that change is impossible. It is what we tell ourselves, consciously or unconsciously that determines how we feel and ultimately what we can or can’t do.

With Solution Focused hypnotherapy, you will learn the most valuable lesson in life : happiness only exists in the moment. You can’t change your past, and the future doesn’t exist yet. It is what we make of today that change how we see and enjoy life.


When we keep looking in the past, we feel broken, damaged or nostalgic. And ultimately we become depressed. We glorify the past and the present seems bitter. We look back at the ‘Old Me’ and feel disconnected to who we used to be, we can’t stop wondering what our life could have been if… We are obsessing over traumatic events that we replay in our heads, we feel ‘defined’ and ‘changed’.


When we don’t stop worrying about the future, we end up being anxious. We need everything now and we get frustrated when the present doesn’t allow us to live the life we try to build. Everything becomes obsessional, frustrating, upsetting. The present is a source of worries and thing to do, we might be out with friends but in our minds we are thinking of what needs to be done when we come home. Anxiety makes us feel worried about the little things, incapable of relaxing or enjoying our family time and hobbies. We are constantly on the edge, waiting for the next crisis to happen.

How can we help?

Everything you experience with your mental health that does not feel right comes from your limbic system. What we call the ‘Emotional brain’. This brain is designed for your survival, therefore it is its job to make you feel nervous (FLY response), angry (FIGHT response) or depressed (FREEZE response). Unfortunately when that part of the brain is in charge for too long we slowly loose intellectual control.

My Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you on three levels :

Understanding your brain : This is the first step of healing because it answers some of our most important questions: What is wrong with me? Why can’t I be the person I want to be? Why do I feel the way I do? Why can’t I be like other people? etc… in knowledge lies the power. Once we understand, we have the tools to live the life we want.

Helping you relax in your body and mind : Your emotional brain is likely to be inundating you with stress hormones, such as cortisol or adrenaline, and not producing (or acting on) positive and feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. By relaxing your body and your mind, we reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body which helps the brain to focus on the feel-good hormones we desperately need to feel happy and light.

Changing our mindset and thoughts patterns : We help our brain to change our thoughts patterns, all those negative and hurtful things that we tell ourselves unconsciously will be replaced by supportive and helpful thoughts patterns. We will turn “I can’t do this’ by ‘I am learning how to do this correctly’. Very soon, you will notice how positive your thoughts are, how easy it is to dismiss those unwanted and hurtful thoughts and to replace them by caring and supportive thoughts and to fully immerse yourself in the moment,.

Most of my clients ‘just want to feel more relaxed‘ when they start, but soon enough, they discover that they can hope for more, and ask for more, and it is always an incredible privilege to be part of that journey of self-empowerment and to see then go beyond everything they were hoping for.

Would you like to book a free consultation with me?

The free consultation lasts for about 60mn. It allows us to meet, discuss your needs and make sure you feel comfortable working with me.


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