Helping you to find inner peace, a relaxed and clear mind, joy and happiness.

Adults sessionS

A safe place for you to heal and start your healing journey. Hypnotherapy helps you feel and think the way you would prefer. You are always in control and moving to your own pace.

Our personalised Hypnosis audio includes a free consultation to discuss your needs and two audios (MP4). One generic audio that helps with anxiety and sleep for long-term effects + a second one that is specific to your needs and completely tailored to you and the issue you want to work with.

Initial ConsultationFree
Single Session (60mn)£40
Client must be over 16.

Smoking, Phobias, weight management

I am offering all the above sessions as part as your treatment plan during your brief therapy with me. Smoking or vaping takes two hours, phobias takes three to four sessions.

Weight management is recommended if you have reasons to believe that stress factors are acting against your will to loose weight. For example if you are stress eating, addicted to certain aliments, if you have tried most diets and nothing has worked in the long run, you feel you are doing everything right and yet it is not working or if you feel that committing to a better lifestyle is difficult.

Having a positive mindset will help you tremendously and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is definitely the best way to change your mindset and feel utterly positive and patient during your weight loss journey.

However, I do not practice ‘magic’ and, as I am being asked very often, I cannot ‘put things in your head’ to stop you from doing anything! What I can do is helping you reduce your anxiety level, sleep better, feel more confident and positive about yourself and your body and find the motivation to get where you want to be. A lot of my clients start by saying “But I am not stressed at all… But I sleep really well….’ and after a few weeks of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, they cannot believe the difference it makes to live a life completely free of anxiety… and how incredible it feels to wake up in the morning after having an excellent night of sleep! We get so used to anxiety that we often completely associate with it, it becomes a part of us so we stop to notice…

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